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To order Beer Wedges please:
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Golf Art Bottle Openers

Recycled “irons”/golf club heads, are repurposed into the coolest beer opener since the original, World’s Most Interesting Man.
Stay thirsty for golf-art my friends.


GOLF GAME/Yip Chips 

Play this side bet game while You Golf!
For 2 to 4 Players of any skill level.
 The object of the game is to avoid
holding any “Yip Chip” at the end
of your golf round.
 There are 4 “Yip Chips”: Water,
Sand Trap, O. B., & 3 Putt.
 Anytime a golfer hits their ball
into the water, sand trap, O. B., OR 3
putts, that player must carry that “Yip Chip” till another player earns it.
 Each “Yip Chip” you hold at
round’s end counts against you,
and for each opponent. You
decide the value of each chip.
 Example: Each “Yip Chip” is
worth 1 penny. At round’s end if I have 3 “Yip Chips” and you have 1
I owe you 2 pennies. ENJOY!

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